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(Please note: the Purple/White pen appears pink in these new group photos. The true color is shown next to the individual pen further down the page)

Need bottled ink or refills?
His Nibs email


 New! Green and Orange
(the Orange is the first Prima with black clip, cap ring and nib)




This is a great letter I received from 'Sam F', all about the 'Purple Profile' person. Just click on the letter itself to enlarge it. You can see the creases in the paper itself, as Sam has taken to using my note-folding approach, including the use of a seal (in his case, purple of course!).

"Norman--Of course, I am again honored that you wish to share my note on the website and in the newsletter, so by all means, post away! After you posted your video about note-folding, I have followed your method with great success. I correspond regularly with a friend who loves these specially-folded and sealed notes. So again, I am doubly indebted to you for your note-folding knowledge and your excellent service. I am enjoying the Prima very much, especially equipped with the black B nib. It is a wonderful pen, and it gets daily use along with the Jinhao Dreadnaught I acquired from you last December (2013. . . I think). Best regards to you. Until next pen . . .
--Sam F., Rockford, IL

"Norman: The Monteverde Prima B arrived today. I am so happy that you recommended the B nib, as it writes smooth, wet, and with a medium line. I am quite pleased with it and the beauty of the color. Also, I am impressed with the origami note and wax seal -- very nice. Thanks for noting the color of the ink you used, as I like to looks of it. That might be something for me to consider down the road. I appreciate your quick and efficient service. Best wishes to you and yours."

JVK, Seymour, IA

"Dear Norman:  Somehow Santa Claus “divined” (that is the appropriate word he used in his note that accompanied the gift) that the nicest present he could leave for an old man of my type (writer) would be a lovely fountain pen. And so, “lo and behold” (more Christmas language he liked) he placed a Monteverde Prima Turquoise Blue under the tree. I can hardly describe the translucent beauty of the resin barrel that changes with the light, but I can say how lightly it rests in the hand and the way the nib glides over the paper. What a joy to write with. It quickly has become one of my favorites among the many pens that I own and use. Santa also left a PS in his note telling me to thank someone named His Nibs for checking the nib before Santa picked it up."
V. H., Palo Alto, CA

"Hi Norman: My new Prima Tiger Eye pen and Hero Victorian arrived and were promptly " (un)locked and loaded" with MB Toffee Brown ink.  I love the stub nib for italic  and the fine line of the Victorian for whatever cursive script of the moment!  Thanks for these beautiful instruments and, as always, your wonderful service!"
T. J.,  Victoria,  BC, Canada

"Dear Norman, the Monteverde Prima in Turquoise is even more beautiful than its website photo. I followed your advice about nib sizes, ordered the M which, as you suggested, writes a Fine line but wide enough to show the ink color well, and it writes very smoothly and effortlessly, a pleasure to use. Thanks for your excellent service and I really appreciate the assurance that the nib has been inspected and adjusted."
N. P., Montreal, Canada

"Hi Norman. Just wanted to give a big thank you as the green Prima came this morning. Love it! I saw this pen when it first came out and was immediately struck by the luminous green, as I have an excellent collection of 1920s OS jade Sheaffer Flat=Tops. You tuned the nib perfectly, and I mean perfectly. I like them extra-fine and pretty dry, and this F nib completely fills the bill. This one will become a daily user. I also appreciate your kind and personal note that you put in with it. That makes dealing with you a pleasure, and makes me feel like an individual. The website is also very personal, and is one of the best on the web---if not THE best. Thank you x 100 for another excellent purchasing experience. I hope your business multiplies greatly. Others can take lessons from you."

S. D., Luthrerville MD

"Dear Norman, I have just received the pen and it is superb! The nib is wonderful and a delight to write with.
Thank you so much for your frank and excellent advice. I have told my wife that I am thinking of buying another of these wonderful pens with the outstanding stub nib! Warmest regards and I am going to buy the Monteverde turquoise ink for all my official signature work."

G. A., New York, NY

"Mr. Haase, I received my Monteverde Prima yesterday and got it cleaned up as you instructed and filled with ink and then put pen to paper.  I love it.  It writes great and keeps up with the pace I write at nicely. Every once in a while it has a little trouble starting But that could be my fault and it isn't a problem really at all.  I have been writing different things with it all morning. I also wanted to thank you for the prompt responses to my questions, the quick delivery of the pen, and the personal note. That type of customer service goes a long way with me and you can bet I will be ordering again very soon.  Merry Christmas!"
A. C., Odessa, MO

"Hi Norman. The pen arrived safely. Thanks very much for the excellent packaging and your customized note. Truly exemplary service. The pen is wonderful and truly great value. I look forward to ordering from you again."

J. C., Penticton, Canada

"Hey there Norman, I stopped by my Post Office today...and excitedly accepted delivery of my brand new Monteverde Prima Tiger Eye with Steel & Iridium 1.1mm stub nib from hisnibs.com...WOW!  The pen is a stunner to behold, and it writes like a dream: buttery smooth and just the right wetness, thanks to your adjusting and fine tuning, no doubt!  It already occupies a place of honor among my top three daily writer fountain pens.  It's a great signature pen, too!..And all of that at such a painlessly attractive price from hisnibs.com!  I hasten to add that I really appreciated your handwritten note which accompanied my new Prima.  I'm extremely glad to have learned about you and your website thru FPN!  May I please have s'more, sir?!"
C. L., Burlington, VT

Hi Norman, the Monteverde Prima pen arrived safely.  It writes so smoothly, most pleased.  Thank you for your usual, prompt, efficient and courteous service.
M. B., Canada

"Hi Norman, you may well imagine what kind of a state I was in at work all day. My wife had called earlier in the day to tell me that a package had arrived from His Nibs.  My Pen!  With meetings all day and a lot of code to write, I couldn’t just bail out of the day and drive home to meet my new Monteverde.  I had the Parker with me at work and in its task of note jotting, it sufficed. Well, not really. Knowing there is a new fountain pen waiting at home jaundiced my view of the venerable Parker that has been with me since 1985.  4 pm and I’m out of the office like a shot.

2 hours later, I pull into my driveway. My wife has been prepped so she knew to open the package and prepare the bowl of warm water with 2-3 drops of detergent. I immediately set to work opening the pen, extracting the ink converter, and giving it a nice bath in gently soapy water. Like a good nurse who knows her job, my wife was ready with the bowl of clean water for the final rinsing bath. While I was rinsing, she was preparing the Noodlers bulletproof purple for the initial filling. When I was ready, she cleared the way to the bottle and removed the cap. I carefully filled the converter (twice to remove the air bubble) and wiped it’s little chin to remove excess ink. Into the pen it went. When I was ready to write, my wife was ready with the journal.  She had opened it to the first fully blank page and set it in great light and at the right height for me to simply turn from the ink bottle and to the journal.  

Bless her heart, she had earlier found my favorite recording of Bela Bartok’s 2nd piano concerto and queued it up on the turntable. Stylus met groove at about the same time as nib met paper. It was magical.  Bartok was reputed to be a man who loved a good fountain pen and his music reflects this.  Especially Piano Concerto #2.  I was inspired by the music, but more importantly, I was inspired by my new Monteverde. Everything about this pen is gorgeous. The nib is a beautiful silver, the blue striped barrel is a just spectacular. With the cap posted, the pen immediately showed the elegance and grace I’ve come to expect from a fountain pen.  As You said, the medium Monteverde nib leaves a fine trail of ink on the paper. I love this nib. It is perfectly tuned and the writing experience was profound. I just finished writing in one of my journals… the one with the smoothest paper.  I started writing with my new Prima and was remarking on how wonderfully smooth it felt, not to mention how fine the line is.  For giggles, I pulled out my trusty Parker (that I have always considered to be silky) and finished my writing. I was astonished (yes, actually astonished) that the Parker was much less wonderful than the Monteverde Prima. I will be coming back to you for more pens.  Count on it."
J. A., University Place, WA

"I would like to order a Monteverde stub nib  fountain pen in black using pay pal. Also thank you for the blue one I ordered recently.  It is a favorite.  I like the stub nib tremendously."    
B. B., Portland, OR

"I received my order yesterday and I'm delighted with my purchases. The Monteverde Prima is a wonderful pen when fitted with the Stub nib. It is surprisingly easy to use and I can see it becoming my pen of choice. The finish is superb and the pen represents excellent value for money. Many thanks, Norman, and I'll be ordering again soon !!"
P. W., United Kingdom

"Thank you, Norman! The pen arrived today! The Monteverde Prima is not my fanciest pen, but it is gorgeous and feels great in my hand. Thank for again for making this such a pleasant and satisfying shopping experience!"
N. C., San Francisco, CA

"Hello Norman, I received my pen today and what a beautiful thing it is. I'm astonished at the variety and quality of pens available in the United States and we in the UK are very dour by comparison."
P. W., United Kingdom

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have received my pen, it works amazing! Filled it with Private reserve Sherwood green. I’ll be buying from you again in the future. You provide great customer service. Thanks again."
T. C., Edmonton, Canada

"Hi Norman, The pen arrived, and you're correct - it is very, very, very nice looking.  Wow. The striations remind me of a vintage Sheaffer Balance like my mom had.  Whenever I think of a fountain pen, that's the
image that first comes to my mind.  Always has. Of course, it does also resemble the Pelikan brown tortoise, but I like tortoise, but that's just more of a good thing.

So I filled the converter with Noodler's Whaler's Sepia, reassembled the pen, set it on the counter, and sternly informed it that if it did not immediately write - wait!  not just write, but write flawlessly - its permanent household function would be to punch aeration holes in the potting soil of my 35 year old ficus tree. I thought I detected a nearly indiscernible shudder.  I picked up the pen, uncapped it, and reached for the notepad...Perfect!  Absolutely Perfect!

Must have been the tough love. Or stark fear - that ficus has a heck of a root ball. Anyway, the pen and I are going to repair to a Sensory Deprivation Chamber (ok, a windowless cranny) to go work on revising a legal
treatise.  Maybe I should fill it with coffee instead of ink. Thanks again"

D. C., Baltimore, MD

"Great pen. Writes smoothly and a perfect balance with or without cap posted."
R. M., Portugal

"The beautiful pen and ink have arrived ! Thank you so much for the prompt service, it is as nice to look at as it is to write with. I am sure we will be doing business again."
T. L. Canada






Prima Green Swirl fountain pen                                 $85.00

Prima Black/Yellow fountain pen                              $85.00    Sold out

Prima Purple/White fountain pen                              $85.00    Sold out

Prima Turquoise fountain pen                                  $85.00    Sold out

Prima Tiger Eye fountain pen                                     $85.00    Sold out
Two examples of the one-of-a-kind European acrylic, that makes each pen unique 

Prima Orange fountain pen                                       $85.00    Sold out


Prima Green fountain pen                                         $85.00    Sold out



Prima Black fountain pen                                       $70.00    $60.00    Retired, permanently sold out


Prima Brown Swirl fountain pen                           $70.00    $56.00    Retired, permanently sold out

Prima Blue Stripes fountain pen                      70.00    $56.00    Retired, permanently sold out   


Prima Brown Stripes fountain pen                      70.00    $56.00    Retired, permanently sold out   





I'm not sure where to begin with Monteverde's latest pen design, the Prima. Perhaps it's sufficient to say that with many hundreds of fountain pens to choose from here at the Palace, His Nibs' Brown Stripe (which actually reminds me of the Pelikan Tortoise in appearance -- although each pen is unique) has been a constant in my shirt pocket since I began testing it close to a month ago. That's a long time for any model to take 'pride of place'. I even use the black ballpoint regularly!!!!

I don't expect my choice to bear undue weight -- except with my most loyal subjects -- as pens are such personal tools, and like any other collector, my favorite changes regularly. Let me just way why I like it. It's a clean, simple design that fits my hand well. It's full-sized, but not over-sized, measuring 5-1/4" capped, 6" posted and 4-7/8" with cap held aside. It's lightweight and well-balanced, whether posted and not; has a large well-proportioned nib available in F, M, B or stub (see my comments on Monteverde's nib sizes below); and comes in some of the most attractive hand-made European acrylic patterns that I've seen -- accented simply with polished chrome.







To top it off...it's price point is alluringly inexpensive for a pen of this quality.



The cap is a screw type and posts securely as a slip cap. The chrome capband is simply imprinted with 'Monteverde USA', which is reprised on the nib, along with the Monteverde mountain logo and nib size. As mentioned, the nibs are available in B, M, F or the new stub sizes. I've found that the new, large Monteverde nibs run about a size smaller than typical western nibs. Hence, I'd classify the B nib as a typical medium, the M as a fine and the F as an x-fine. The stub is a 1.1 mm medium. Please specify the nib size you'd like, by letter or 'stub' only, to avoid confusion when ordering.





The fountain pens come with a piston converter for bottled ink...but as with all new pens, I recommend to run a dilute solution of dishwashing soap (two or three drops to a small bowl of water) through a new converter a few times, followed by water only. Step one is effective at removing manufacturing oils that can tend to make the ink less than enthusiastic in heading from the converter to the nib, and step two removes the traces of the detergent you've used...which tends to have the opposite, diuretic effect. The pen will also take International-style cartridges, such as those from Private Reserve. The Monteverde gift box and warranty are included.


As you know, His Nibs.com has a focus on fountain pens, but I really don't want to give short shrift to the rollerball and ballpoint versions of this model. I've found myself using both more regularly than normal, as I'm infatuated with both at the moment! I don't regularly stock inventory of all of the variations, but they're easy to order and arrive within a week.

The rollerballs are similar in size to the fountain pens and have screw caps as well. The ballpoints are twist-action.

I won't go through all of the finishes again, but to summarize:


IMPORTANT SERVICE NOTE: Every nib that ships from His Nibs is closely examined under high magnification and tuned or adjusted if needed. About 85% of modern nibs need some adjustment out-of-the-box from the manufacturer for an optimal writing experience. Most commonly, the tines of the nib are misaligned -- which would cause scratchiness at the minimum; the slit between the tines is partially or fully closed -- which would starve the nib of ink and at best cause skipping; or the slit between the tines is too wide -- which will either again cause skipping, or conversely, flooding. There are other factors  -- such as separation of the nib from the feed -- that are inspected and repaired before any pen leaves the Palace.

The only 100% guarantee of course comes when the pen is actually filled with ink and written with for the first time, but our pre-shipping inspections and tunings have eliminated 99.99999 (my finger is getting tired) of the frustrations that a customer experiences when first using a new fountain pen. Although this can be time-consuming on occasion, it affords our customers a much more pleasant experience when receiving a fountain pen from His Nibs -- and saves us the frustration of dealing with returns!






Ordering Procedures & Returns

International customers, please note, we will not falsify shipping documents

Please send your order and shipping address (along with any questions) to:

(on PayPal transactions, the email address may also display as stonebri@verizon.net)

We will email you back with your order total (PA residents please add 6% sales tax)

Credit cards, for the quickest fulfillment of your order, are accepted through PayPal, a secure site allowing you to use your credit card without us even seeing the information. If you'd like to make use of this credit card service, please let us know when you email your order and address, and we'll email you the appropriate Request for Payment, and instructions for the simple payment procedure (you don't need to join PayPal to use it).


If you would like us process your credit card directly instead, then please email us:

1. Card # (dividing this number in two, between two emails, will ensure security)
2. Expiration date
3. Name on card
4. Address for billing statement
5. Card verification # (3-digit number printed on the back of your card. It appears after and to the right of your card number, or 4-digit number on the front of your AMEX card).

If you'd rather pay by money order or check, kindly make payable to:

His Nibs.com
  434 N. Leh St., 1A
  Allentown, PA 18104

We ship via insured Priority Mail
(email for cost)



Warranties and returns

If an item proves to be defective, in most cases the manufacturer's warranty will apply. However, please email us first so that we can determine the easiest way to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. In the case of fountain pens -- which are a bit more individualistic than other writing instruments -- what may at first appear to be a defect (hard starting or poor flow for example), can in almost all cases be resolved with a few simple 'tweaks' to the nib, which we'll be happy to guide you through or perhaps suggest returning to us for adjustment.

Should you wish to return a non-defective item within 3 days of receipt because it doesn't suit you for some reason, again please email us and we'll arrange an exchange, credit or refund (minus any shipping/insurance charges), if the item is returned in an 'as new' condition. If you've dipped a fountain pen to try its writing characteristics, kindly clean off any ink residue prior to shipping -- to save us both a nasty surprise .

We want you to be happy with your purchase from HisNibs.com and hope to have you join the ranks of our many long-term, repeat customers!


Revised: August 19th, 2023

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