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Pen Rolls & Pouches by Lai Yee


New! 3-Pen Pouch and Pad design

Lai Yee has designed a new pen pouch, which will hold three pens and a small Posit-it pad (7/8" x 2-7/8" -- which can be found at office supply stores and most grocery/drugstore stationery aisles) -- so that you always have something handy
to jot a note on with one of your carry pens.

We're showing three examples here, but potentially any of the fabric patterns we have in stock below can be used.

New! Purple Passion 3-pen and pad pouch $25.00


New! Tracery Vines-2 3-pen and pad pouch $25.00

My camera had a hard time capturing this pattern. It's a light brown, a bit closer to the photo on the left -- but somewhere in-between.

Starry Night 3-pen and pad pouch $25.00



New! Silver Hearts 3-pen and pad pouch $25.00





Lai Yee -- better known to some as Teresa Haase -- or 'Her Nibs' -- is also a full-time teacher, a student of Shu Fa (Chinese brush calligraphy, since age five) and a life-long seamstress and knitter. More recently, she's become a practitioner of Jikiden Reiki.
Looking for her next project after creating her seasonal wardrobe, Lai Yee tried her hand at creating various-sized pen rolls for transporting pens to the pen shows that His Nibs attends. Now, she's making them available to all.


As these are handmade items, please understand that if inventory is low,
it may take a couple of days to fill your order

"Thank you for the fast delivery… I loved the rolls ... I am  specially in love with the 2 pen case. Thank you."
Y. P., Orlando, FL

"Norman I was pleasantly surprised when the pen roll arrived today.  Thank you for the speedy shipping.
Please give my thanks to Lai Yee.  Her pen roll is the best combination of design and craftsmanship I have seen. Thanks!"

D. W., Westminster, MD

"Hi Norman. Just to let you know that the pen roll has arrived.  Lovely.  My compliments to Lai Yee. And thank you for the little note...probably a Hero, a Pelikan, a Lamy and a TWSBI will get to enjoy it first :)"
T. C., Singapore

"Hi Norman (and Ms. Nibs!) Pen rolls arrived today...exactly as described (or better!) I love them! When I carry pens in my '52 Chevy 5-window (attached) I think you can tell which pouch I'll use! Best to you both, thanks again!"
D. P., La Grande, OR


"Hi Norman, I received the pouches.  They are simple  beautiful!!  Please give my thanks to Lai Yee."
M. V., Shaker Heights, OH

"Hi Norman, the pen and pen roll arrived today.  Thanks to your instructions on initial clean, the Bamboo is writing beautifully from the get-go. The pen roll [Tracery Vines] is absolutely lovely.  The note with the wax seal is a lovely touch. Thank you so much for the service and I hope to shop again soon!"
N. R., North Melbourne, Australia

"...my Pen holder is absolutely fantabulous!!! Again, Loving the Dragons. I have my I Ching and Safari Lamy in it, and won’t worry about them being scratched up. Please give all accolades to the Mrs. for a beautiful pouch."
S. W., McKinney, TX

"Thank your wife for the lovely pen cases. They arrived fine and already are in use and I am very, very pleased with them. XO"
E.M., , Alexandria VA

"Hi Norman, a quick note to let you know the Baoer Black Rectangle FP and the 2 pen pouch came this morning.  The quality of that Baoer is unbelievable.  20 bucks! come on....it's a $400 pen right?  The pictures don't do it justice. The pouch, really nice.  A quality piece that 2 "51"s found a home in.  A couple more of these are defiantly in the near future.
Thanks so much for the service."
J. F., Woburn, MA

"Hello, I just had to tell you that I got the pen case today! It is truly a work of art. I love it as much as my other two in the same pattern! Please tell your wife that I am one of her biggest and most proud admirer of her and her work.  I have so far decided to put my Pelikan M800 red/black striation and my Bexley Americana Strawberry Swirl; I believe these two are befitting such a special and wonderful pen case.  Take care of yourself and both you and your wife B Blessed.
P.S. I also keep your wax sealed messages. I have as a result of getting them from you twice, purchased and use my own wax seal with red or burgundy wax. I have one seal that is a butterfly, one that is an African woman and one that is the Ankh symbol.  Thank you so much!
A. S., Fayetteville, NC

"Norman: ...and the pen roll was fantastic, too. Finally, a place I can put my pens without scratching them. It's large enough to hold the pens I use a lot, and yet it's small enough to fit into my briefcase. Another happy customer! And I would also like to say that I'm amazed at how fast they arrived! Your customer service is second to none!"
V. D., Princeton, N.C.

"And the pen roll was elegant to look at, beautiful."
 L. Y. L., Singapore

"My packages just arrived - and I love everything!  The pen rolls are lovely- excellent design- they are going to be so helpful.  I know I'll be ordering another one soon." E. H., Austin, TX

His Nibs email


6-pen poly roll    $6.00   

Made from 100% polyester felt, the basic 6-pen roll is a great way to protect your pens from scratches while
they're jostled around during travel. Each slot is stitched so that barrels never make contact, and are large
enough to easily fit oversized pens (for reference, in the photo below, I have a Pelikan 800, Visconti Titanic,
Delta 20th Anniversary, Monteverde Riviera, Monteverde Sedona and a Montblanc 149 75th Anniversary pen,
all happily resting together). Laid flat, the roll measures approximately 9" in width and 10" high, with each
slot being about 5" deep.

                                                                             click on photos to enlarge       

The second photo shows the pen roll with the flap folded over, which will protect the caps of the pens once they're
rolled up. (NOTE: Black is sometimes a hard 'color' to photograph. The first photo above,  and the third photo
below, are the truest to the actual look of the pen roll).


The third photo shows the pen roll rolled-up and secured with the attached ribbon.

New! Now also available in blue or purple poly, which can also be used as the interior for the fabric pen rolls

listed below.





10-pen poly roll    $10.00

If you can't bear to leave home with only six pens (I feel your pain), then a couple of these 10-pen rolls should do the
trick! Laid flat, the roll measures approximately 14" in width and 10" high, with each slot being about 5" deep.







8-pen poly/fabric roll    $25.00


Beyond the basic polyester pen roll, Lai Yee offers pouches/rolls with a fabric backing in an ever-changing series of patterns (depending upon what fabrics are available to her -- so check back often!). Laid flat, the 8-pen roll measures approximately 11" in width and 10" high, with each slot being about 5" deep.

***Any pattern shown below in the 8-pen version can also be made in the 4-pen roll or the 2-pen pouch***

4-pen poly/fabric roll    $20.00


Laid flat, the roll measures approximately 6" in width and 10" high, with each slot being about 5" deep.


2-pen poly/fabric pouch    $15.00

Laid flat, the pouch measures approximately 3-1/2" in width and 9-3/8" high, with each slot being about 4-3/4" deep.
In the example shown, the pouch easily accommodates two oversized pens, the Montblanc 149 on the left and the
Delta Dolcevita 10th Anniversary on the right.

Note...the photos below are not exactly to scale...please reference the measurements above

***Any pattern shown below in the 8-pen version can also be made in the 4-pen roll or the 2-pen pouch***


  ***Any pattern shown below in the 8-pen version can also be made in the 4-pen roll or the 2-pen pouch***

                           U. S. Marines                                                                                       U. S. Army

      Elvis Army documents 8-pen   $25.00                                                     New! Musical Notes 2

    NOTE: Due to the size of the pattern, this pattern is
    available in the 8-pen version only, and may
    vary from that above because of the size


U. S. Army 4-pen   $20.00


New! American Flags 8-pen   $25.00



New! Purple/Lavender Trim 8-pen   $25.00




U. S. Marines 8-pen   $25.00


Notes 2 4-pen   $20.00


Starry Night 4-pen   $20.00



Pen Nibs White and Pen Nibs Coffee 8-pen   $25.00



                                                                                                     This is closer to the true color than photo on left



Deco Lights 8-pen   $25.00




China Blue 8-pen   $25.00



Café au lait 4-pen   $20.00



Giraffe 8-pen   $25.00




Tie-Dye Earth-tones 8-pen   $25.00

Like the original bluish Tie-Dye pattern shown further down the page, each of these will be unique in appearance, due to the material used.



New! Kanji 8-pen   $25.00



Many Blessings 8-pen   $25.00




Lighthouses 8-pen   $25.00



Lighthouses 4-pen   $20.00


Lighthouses 2-pen   $15.00


Flying Skulls 8-pen   $25.00






Skull & Crossbones 4-pen   $20.00




Pooches 8-pen   $25.00

Due to the size of the pattern, the 8-pen version
may differ from that shown above



Flower Tiles 8-pen   $25.00




Cat Squares 8-pen   $25.00




Something Fishy 2-pen pouch   $15.00




Musical Notes 2-pen pouch   $15.00



Musical Notes 4-pen   $20.00



Musical Notes 8-pen   $25.00





Tracery Vines 4-pen   $20.00    (Available in 2-pen or 4-pen only)





Fancy Cats Blue 8-pen   $25.00




Doves 8-pen   $25.00




Purple Squares 8-pen   $25.00





Sneakers 4-pen   $20.00

                                                                       click on photos to enlarge


Elvis Army documents 8-pen   $25.00

Due to the size of the pattern, this pattern is
available in the 8-pen version only, and may
vary from that above because of the size





Cats-2 8-pen   $25.00  

Due to the size of the pattern, the 8-pen version
may differ from that shown above...see the 4-pen


Cats-2 4-pen   $20.00   

Due to the size of the pattern, the 4-pen version
may differ from that shown above...see the 8-pen



Space 8-pen   $25.00



Space 4-pen   $20.00







Pandas 8-pen  $25.00




Geisha 8-pen  $25.00




Plaid 8-pen  $25.00   

Here we have a pattern that's a bit more subdued and conservative than most of the others.




 Dad 8-pen  $25.00





Dogs 8-pen  $25.00





Ordering Procedures & Returns

International customers, please note, we will not falsify shipping documents

Please send your order and shipping address (along with any questions) to:

(on PayPal transactions, the email address may also display as stonebri@verizon.net)

We will email you back with your order total (PA residents please add 6% sales tax)

Credit cards, for the quickest fulfillment of your order, are accepted through PayPal, a secure site allowing you to use your credit card without us even seeing the information. If you'd like to make use of this credit card service, please let us know when you email your order and address, and we'll email you the appropriate Request for Payment, and instructions for the simple payment procedure (you don't need to join PayPal to use it).


If you would like us process your credit card directly instead, then please email us:

1. Card # (dividing this number in two, between two emails, will ensure security)
2. Expiration date
3. Name on card
4. Address for billing statement
5. Card verification # (3-digit number printed on the back of your card. It appears after and to the right of your card number, or 4-digit number on the front of your AMEX card).

If you'd rather pay by money order or check, kindly make payable to:

His Nibs.com
  2540 W. Union Street
  Allentown, PA 18104

We ship via insured Priority Mail
(email for cost)



Warranties and returns

If an item proves to be defective, in most cases the manufacturer's warranty will apply. However, please email us first so that we can determine the easiest way to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. In the case of fountain pens -- which are a bit more individualistic than other writing instruments -- what may at first appear to be a defect (hard starting or poor flow for example), can in almost all cases be resolved with a few simple 'tweaks' to the nib, which we'll be happy to guide you through or perhaps suggest returning to us for adjustment.

Should you wish to return a non-defective item within 3 days of receipt because it doesn't suit you for some reason, again please email us and we'll arrange an exchange, credit or refund (minus any shipping/insurance charges), if the item is returned in an 'as new' condition. If you've dipped a fountain pen to try its writing characteristics, kindly clean off any ink residue prior to shipping -- to save us both a nasty surprise .

We want you to be happy with your purchase from HisNibs.com and hope to have you join the ranks of our many long-term, repeat customers!


Revised: February 5th, 2016

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All images and products on this site are trademarks, registered trademarks and/or copyright of their respective
company and used with permission. Unauthorized reproduction of any image or product is strictly prohibited.


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