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See the Monteverde nib options here



                                           New black stub nib as replacement for older conventional nib

"Dear Norman, Hope this mail finds you well. I received my nib yesterday and am very pleased! The sealed handwritten note you sent with your valuable tips is MUCH appreciated and admired therefore I commend you for your ultra helpful personal service! I will certainly be back to purchase more items, so in the mean time, a massive well done for your packaging and personal touch which nowadays one seldom encounters!!! Best regards and good health,"

T. B.

"Good afternoon, Norman. Thank you very much for the nib, which arrived just yesterday. The note with instructions was most helpful, and I am now enjoying the nib. I'm very grateful for the prompt and gracious service. All best wishes,"
C. M., Bristol, TN

"Hi Norman, just letting you know that I got your package on Friday, and was relieved that the new nib and feed pulled easily from the nib housing...Finally installed the stub last night. I used it at work today, and was impressed.  I really like this nib!  If I hit the sweet spot (easy to do, the nib is quite forgiving), it's very smooth yet expressive.  For an inexpensive nib, it writes very well, and is smoother than nib-meister-ground stubs I have.  :-) Thanks for selling this nib, and for your emails.  Hopefully I can pick up a Napa from you before the end of the year.  I liked the blue, but the red I saw in the review was stunning...I should mention that the stub really is great for the price--I can't think of anything else in its price range that's as good.  I like that it's a full-sized nib, not small and stiff like a Lamy 1.1.  Also, the Monteverde stub feels more expressive than, say, a Jowo nib.  It's too bad I don't like the stiff, bland Jowo nibs, because so many pens use them now. After I increased the ink flow, the Monteverde stub brings out a lot of color in the inks I've used.  :-)"
G. F., Kaneohe, HI

"Thank you so much for sending out the nib so quickly!  I love it SO much!  Many folks at work have commented on the look...it's a dream to write with! Also, the personal letter with wax seal were nice touches!"

A. C., Elyria, OH


"It arrived! My beautiful new fountain pen was delivered today and I absolutely love it! This is the first Monteverde pen I've owned/used and I am an instant convert to the brand. Perfectly sized and weighted for my smallish hands, it just glides unbelievably smoothly on all types of paper (have been trying it out on everything from the back of an envelope to my Rhodia Gridded ever since it got here!)...I'm just so happy that all my expectations were not just met, but exceeded. The personal handwritten note was a beautiful touch (think you may have spurred on a new fascination with sealing wax in me now also!) and just the icing on the cake for a wonderful buying experience. I cannot recommend your business and your services high enough and will most definitely be a return customer. The one and only drawback to your website however, is that there are too many lovely items to choose from and the 'future purchase' list has now become pretty extensive!"
R. B., Isle of Man


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Stub nibs

For those of you who are not familiar with what a stub nib is, think 'italic' or 'calligraphy' nib, but without the paper-tearing. Basically speaking, a typical x-fine, fine, medium or broad nib has a rounded ball of tipping material at the end of the nib, which produces a correspondingly-sized line of ink that's the same no matter which direction the nib travels in. In contrast, an italic or calligraphy nib (experts will debate the differences between the two terms, but we don't need to here) is cut and shaped so that it's wide across, but relatively thin if viewed from the side. The photo below shows what I'm talking about, as the Pilot 78G nibs on the left and center have the typical ball of 'Iridium' or tipping material, while the nib on the right is cut across, to produce an italic-type of nib.

Typically, such a italic or calligraphy nib has quite sharp edges, as compared to a conventional nib...hence my crack about 'paper-tearing' before. Unless care is taken, an edge can sometimes snag on the paper. That, and the fact that these nibs often have a slightly smaller 'sweet spot' than a conventional nib, can cause the writer to need to pay more attention to the mechanics of writing, and tends to slow down the process slightly. However, it's usually a fair trade, because of the 'beautiful writing' -- which is what calligraphy means -- that is produced.

Enter my favorite nib...the stub!...and why I'm so happy to see it's addition to the Monteverde and Conklin line-up. In simple terms, a stub is an italic nib with smooth, rounded edges. Hence, you achieve the beautiful, 'shaded' writing of an italic/calligraphy nib, but with the speed, smoothness and comfort of a conventional nib. The paper-tearing fear is eliminated! It can still take a slight adjustment to find the somewhat smaller sweet-spot, compared to a conventional ball-nib, but a couple of minutes should take care of that learning curve forever.

This nib modification allows for a thick line of ink in one direction (vertically, let's say), and a thinner one as the nib travels horizontally, as shown below.

click the photo to enlarge

Consequently, one's 'hand' becomes more 'shaded', meaning a combination of thicker/thinner lines become apparent. My 'hand' is nothing to write home about, but if you enlarge the image above, take a look at the fourth line -- written with the stub nib -- and focus on the second word...'is'. If you look at the beginning of the 'i' in the word 'is', you'll see that it begins much thinner than the rest of the letter. Compare that to the 'i's in the three lines above it, written with conventional nibs. That's the 'shading' I'm talking about, and it becomes much more apparent with a full page of handwriting (and a better handwriter!).

The Monteverde/Conklin stub nibs are 1.1 mm across, which is generally considered to be in the medium range (don't get me started on the lack of standardization of nib sizes -- one person's medium is another's fine! ). In the current Monteverde line, they're available for the Invincia, Color Fusion, Titanium, Prima and Regatta lines (I haven't had a chance to put up a page for the new Regatta or Invincia Deluxe carbon-fiber pens yet -- both shown in the video -- but they are available for ordering now). The nibs are available in 'silver' steel or 'black' steel coated in titanium.

As for Conklin, the Conklin stub is available for all models except the Symetrik, which uses a smaller nib, and the limited edition Deco Crest.

For either Monteverde or Conklin, the stub nib can be specified when ordering -- or if you'd like a one of the stub nibs for a Monteverde or Conklin that you already own, they're available for $25.00 each.







Ordering Procedures & Returns

International customers, please note, we will not falsify shipping documents

Please send your order and shipping address (along with any questions) to:

(on PayPal transactions, the email address may also display as stonebri@verizon.net)

We will email you back with your order total (PA residents please add 6% sales tax)

Credit cards, for the quickest fulfillment of your order, are accepted through PayPal, a secure site allowing you to use your credit card without us even seeing the information. If you'd like to make use of this credit card service, please let us know when you email your order and address, and we'll email you the appropriate Request for Payment, and instructions for the simple payment procedure (you don't need to join PayPal to use it).


If you would like us process your credit card directly instead, then please email us:

1. Card # (dividing this number in two, between two emails, will ensure security)
2. Expiration date
3. Name on card
4. Address for billing statement
5. Card verification # (3-digit number printed on the back of your card. It appears after and to the right of your card number, or 4-digit number on the front of your AMEX card).

If you'd rather pay by money order or check, kindly make payable to:

His Nibs.com
  434 N. Leh St., 1A
  Allentown, PA 18104

We ship via insured Priority Mail
(email for cost)



Warranties and returns

If an item proves to be defective, in most cases the manufacturer's warranty will apply. However, please email us first so that we can determine the easiest way to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. In the case of fountain pens -- which are a bit more individualistic than other writing instruments -- what may at first appear to be a defect (hard starting or poor flow for example), can in almost all cases be resolved with a few simple 'tweaks' to the nib, which we'll be happy to guide you through or perhaps suggest returning to us for adjustment.

Should you wish to return a non-defective item within 3 days of receipt because it doesn't suit you for some reason, again please email us and we'll arrange an exchange, credit or refund (minus any shipping/insurance charges), if the item is returned in an 'as new' condition. If you've dipped a fountain pen to try its writing characteristics, kindly clean off any ink residue prior to shipping -- to save us both a nasty surprise .

We want you to be happy with your purchase from HisNibs.com and hope to have you join the ranks of our many long-term, repeat customers!


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